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Advanced Decision Support System for Universities

Benefit from our state-of-the-art Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM) tool

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A plethora of Universities that trust our software
We take pride in the quality of the solutions that we provide to the academic society
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Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM)
Benefit from: real-time simulations, advanced collaboration and exclusive user-friendly design

Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM) Software For Academics

We specialize in the areas of multi-criteria decision analysis and user-friendly software development. Our CDM tool has been checked and tested by more than 75 universities all over the world. Compare different alternatives that you are considering in your research, simulate all possible scenarios and justify your choice.

MCDA Methodology

Choose between the PROMETHEE, AHP and MAUT method.


Work simultaneously and access from any device, without installation needed.


Import data from spreadsheets and create customized visualizations.

Make Full Use of Our Advanced Reporting Tool

Designed with the sole purpose of making academics’ life easier, D-Sight will allow you to create reports using drag-and-drop. This feature will save you countless hours!

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